We Remove the Guesswork so that you Can Focus on the Front End

Let us take care of your product, so you can take care of your customers! Select Canadian Supplements is the one stop shop to bring your products to market. We know the difficulties and intricacies of bringing a nutraceutical product to consumers. We understand that your brand hinges on the reliability, quality and safety of your product. Select Canadian Supplements is a team of trusted and skilled veterans in manufacturing, regulatory and compliance, quality, financing, and sales. SCS removes the guesswork and time spent dealing with manufacturing, so that you can keep the focus on the front end of your business.

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You And Your Team Deserve To Be Treated As The #1 Priority.

When dealing with other suppliers, you are one of many customers and you may not be their first priority. Our team at SCS has combined forces to make sure you and your team are treated as the number 1 priority. Our team has aligned ourselves with handpicked reliable suppliers, that will abide by your lead-times, and the highest of quality standards. Select Canadian Supplements works to get you preferred lead times, and the highest quality products. We will partner with you in every step of your manufacturing journey, all the way up until your product is where it needs to be.

Why Choose Us?

Custom and Stock Formulations

If we don't have it, we can make it. Work with our in-house formulation expert to come up with the best recipe for you.

Supplement Regulatory & Compliance

You have questions, we have answers. Our in-house specialist helps you avoid any future barriers.


Suite of options to choose from, we offer endless choice of colours to separate you from the rest of the pack.

Sports Nutrition Powders

From extreme to natural or custom flavouring, we can fill all your needs!


Whether for samples or for finished goods, pouches are a great offering for your customers.


We can customize tablet shape, size and coating to accommodate all geometric shapes.


We offer multiple choices for gummies in different shapes with a variety of different flavours.


We have great expertise in aqueous products and are able to fill vials, spray bottles, and containers of all sizes.

Fully Certified

Check out our certifications tab for all our certifications!

Turn Key Solutions

Just getting started? No problem. We will happily work with you to help get you going!

Low Minimums

Everyone says it, but we mean it!

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service and satisfaction is our specialty and we take pride in ensuring you get exactly what you want with industry-leading lead times. We make sure you're treated as top priority every step of the way!

Logistics and Shipping

The order isn't complete until it gets to its final destination, we live by that.

Graphic Design

Work with our custom graphic designer to bring your vision to life.

ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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